7 Nail Trends to Try for the Perfect Summer Mani

Now that nail-salons are slowly but surely starting to reopen, we can’t wait to get a fresh mani—TBH, our nails need a lot of TLC after a couple of months of quarantine. While a classic solid-color polish or French tipped manicure is always a good idea, we can’t help but want to mark the occasion of our first post-quarantine manicure with something bolder. Thankfully, this summer’s latest batch of nail trends is just that; bold! From wild prints and quirky symbols to rainbow colors and detailed designs, there’s so many fun, trendy manicure ideas to test out this season. Below are seven nail trends to try that will leave you with the perfect summer mani.

Fun French

We’re all for a French manicure, but this trend takes the classic style to new heights. Instead of going for a simple white tip, try finishing off your mani in a neon hue or even with a variety of bright shades. The fun French mani trend doesn’t have to be centered around the classic rounded tip style—try something more angled or square to switch things up!

Yin Yang

Channel the duality of the yin and yang with this summer 2020 nail trend. Paint the symbol onto a statement nail or all of your fingers, totally up to you! This trend looks great in pastel shades, but you could recreate this mani with a more traditional black-and-white scheme.

Cow Print

Hello, how cute is this trend? A cow pattern is a fun, unexpected animal print to test out on your nails this summer. Cow print looks great as a full set, on the tip of your nails or as a statement nail. No matter how you embrace the cow-print trend, this mani is a big MOO-d (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Organic Shapes

One reason why we love this chic trend is that there’s no way to mess it up! If you’re DIY-ing this trend at home, don’t worry about it being perfect. Just paint on organic blobs in your choice of colors to recreate this summer manicure trend.

Fruit Salad

Pay homage to your favorite summer fruits (or Harry Styles Music video wink wink) with this adorable manicure. While all fruit looks super cute when painted onto your nails, watermelon, cherries, and citrus especially make for the perfect summery mani.


I don’t know about you, but one of the hardest choices to make is picking out a single shade at the salon for your new manicure. But, thanks to this trend you don’t have to! The multi-colored nail trend looks excellent when you stick to one color family—like cool blues or warm pinks—but it also looks impressive in full-out rainbow hues.

Wavy Lines

Here’s another fun trend that’s great to recreate yourself at home or bring in as a reference next time you visit the nail salon! Wavy lines add interest to a classic solid color mani without being too much of a statement, so they’ll go with all of your summer looks!




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