It’s that time of year again, spring cleaning! As you may have seen in my apartment tour— see it here if you missed it!— my closet is practically bursting so every spring, I give it some TLC to make room for, you guessed it, more clothes! It may seem impossible but here are my tried and true tips for giving your closet the cleaning it so desperately needs. xo

STEP 1: It’s all about the mindset

For me, procrastinating cleaning out my closet is waaay too easy. There is always something else I could be doing so I have to prep myself by setting aside a specific time to do it. This helps me focus as well as prevent me from pushing it off. For me, it’s normally late at night (sorry downstairs neighbor!) but pick any time that works for you. Once that time comes, that means it’s time to get to work!

STEP 2: Gather your supplies

When cleaning out your closet, you want all your supplies right there in front of you. Here is the ultimate list of everything you need!

  • A great playlist
  • Comfortable clothes, you’re going to be bending and reaching into the corners of your closet so skinny jeans will not be your friend
  • Disinfecting wipes for some deep cleaning
  • A container for the items you want to get rid of, I use garbage bags but you can use whatever your heart desires

STEP 3: Divide and Conquer

As one thing, the entire closet seems too daunting of a task. Breaking items into categories and going through them one at a time makes it so much easier. Make sections, or let’s be honest they’re just giant piles, for everything from sweaters to denim to shoes. This puts all your items into manageable sections and let’s you see all your items at the same time.

STEP 4: Here’s the hard part… The actual cleaning…

You’ve made it. You’re in the right mindset, you’ve got your tools and your piles, so let’s get cleaning! Go through each piece and REALLY think about whether or not it is worth keeping. We’ve all been there, looking at those sequin jeans from 5 years ago that don’t fit and saying that you’ll wear them again someday. Escape this dilemma by asking yourself a couple basic questions.

  • If I was shopping right now, would I buy this?
  • Does this fit?
  • Is it ripped/stained/in need of repair? i.e. broken zippers and wine stains
  • Have I worn this recently?

If you answer no to any of these questions, toss it! Keeping old items you never wear is the main reason that your closet needs to be cleaned. Show your closet some tough love to make room for the items you want to keep.

STEP 5: Reorganize!

Once you’re done deciding which items you want to keep, don’t just throw them back in your closet. Figure out a system that works for you, maybe it’s by color- maybe it’s by item type- maybe it’s by how often you wear it, and put each item back according to the system. This is also a good time to switch to thin, space-saving hangers if you haven’t already (they’re a total lifesaver!) 

STEP 6: Now What?

Now it’s time to deal with all the items you’ve decided to get rid of. They may be in garbage bags but that doesn’t mean you should throw them away! You have a couple options of what to do with them. My personal favorite is finding a local women’s organization that uses donated clothes for a good cause. You could also take them to a thrift store like Buffalo Exchange, bonus– they will give you cash for the items they take! If you have anything that’s still in great condition, ask your friends and family if they want anything. This is a great way to recycle your pieces and know that someone will keep wearing them!

And that’s it! Congratulations, your closet is clean!


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