6 Swimwear Trends to Test Out This Summer

Sure, COVID-19 may have thrown a kink into your summer plans, but one thing remains the same: you still need a killer summer swimsuit. So what if this summer’s new idea of a tropical vacay is laying out on your apartment’s rooftop? There’s nothing like a beginning-of-summer swimsuit purchase to kick off the season, regardless of your plans in the coming months. This season, there are tons of trending new styles, prints, and fabric taking over the swim sections of your favorite stores—plus, even some fresh takes on our beloved swimwear staples. Keep reading for six swimwear trends you should test out during summer 2020, even if you’ll be wearing them during socially distant trips to the beach. We can’t wait to try these styles, too.

1. High Cut

High-waisted swim styles have been popular for years now, but this season is all about the high-leg. High-cut bikini and one-piece styles that sit above the hip give a nod to the ’80s and make your legs look miles long. It’s a win-win!

2. Long Sleeve

Take inspiration from surfer-chic wetsuits and rock a sleeved bikini top this season. This sporty style is especially great if you’re prone to burns and want a little extra protection from the sun’s rays.

3. Belted

This season, upgrade your go-to one piece with a belted suit. The belted trend instantly makes even the simplest swimwear look sophisticated and fashion-forward. Plus, this trend looks great on literally everyone! Catch us wearing belted suits all summer long.

4. Shimmery

Meet the perfect suit for all of your summer plans: the shimmery bikini. Lurex fabric with its subtle glitter is ideal for days spent lounging in the sun, dancing the night away at a beach resort, and everything in between. We’re obsessing over this show-stopping swimwear trend.

5. Wraps and Ties

Another trend you’ll see all over the beaches this summer? Wrap-style details. Whether that’s a one-piece with a wrap style front or a bikini top with extra long ties that criss-cross all over your torso, this trend is a great one to add to your swimwear collection.

6. Underwire

Perhaps the most classic trend of this season’s lineup is the underwire bikini top. However, there’s nothing boring about this style. This season we update, underwire tops with new strap styles, colors, and prints. No doubt you’ll find one that’s perfect for you!



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