5 Ways to Re-Style your NYE Outfits

Who made the rule that you can only wear a New Year’s Eve outfit once? After December 31st, our sequin looks are hung up and put out of commission. Today we’re showing five ways to re-style a NYE outfit year round.


Contrary to popular belief, sequins are appropriate to wear outside of NYE. Pair your sequins with classic pieces like a button-up, blazer, or turtleneck. Our personal favorite is with our go-to graphic tee.

Festive Outerwear

New Year’s Eve outerwear is as over the top as the rest of the outfit. The key to re-wearing this piece is pairing it with casual outfits like those below.

Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress is getting some post-holiday love, and it’s the easiest piece to rework. Style your dress with sneakers, a turtleneck, or a longline blazer for everyday use.


Feather pieces can quickly jump from NYE to the new year. Feather trimmed pants, bags, and tops can be styled like the looks below to achieve an all-year look.

Glitter Knitwear

If sequins were the king of NYE, glitter is the queen. Glitter is wearable throughout the year. Pairing a glitter flared pant with a graphic tee is an easy way to make glitter street-friendly.



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