5 Sustainable Activewear Brands You Need To Try

As a lot of us are continuously learning different ways we can implement sustainability within our lifestyle, it’s been crucial to look into our closets and shopping habits. There are many different ways to go about that. First, when getting rid of clothing, either donate or upcycle. Do not throw away clothing, there’s somebody who will use it! Second, when it comes to shopping, make sure to purchase quality pieces, and even better, if they’re sustainable retailers. When it comes to sustainable clothing, we mean everything, even activewear. Today, we rounded up our top 5 sustainable activewear brands that you need to try.


This brand has been on everyone’s radar for a while. They’re a small team based in Washington and occasionally selling through Nordstrom, but mostly online. They have many different colors to choose from, and their leggings are extremely moveable, flexible, and, most importantly – comfortable. They carry your primary shades of blacks and grays, while also having fun and vibrant ones’ like yellows and pinks. The best part about them is their transparency. You can read their mission of sustainability on their website, and once you purchase, they inform you how many water bottles you saved by shopping with them.


Like many of these brands, Organic Basics is known for its transparency. They aim to be a sustainable company, but they also dive into their ethical practices. While showcasing the importance of creating ethical clothing, they highlight their strong and trusted relationship with their factories. Aside from its ethical mission, the primary source of fabric is organic cotton. This specific cotton is a chemical-free alternative, but it’s also said to be noticeably softer. That’s a win-win for all!



With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, this sustainable brand has made its mark within the sustainable apparel world. They heavily collaborate with Instagram influencers with so many cute and moveable styles. They are known for some of the trendiest bike shorts and skorts, and their transparency. While they are more sustainable than the average brand, they state that they aren’t where they need to be yet, but are always working towards, and dedicated to, a greater future.


While Summersalt is mostly known to be a swimwear brand, they have great pieces for movement and comfortability. To create these pieces, they use recycled materials, whether that’s a percentage of a specific recycled textile or pre-consumer waste. Like any sustainable brand today, they are committed to continuing their growth towards a more sustainable way of creating these garments.


Pact is probably one of the most sustainable brands out there, from what we can tell. They use organic cotton, are fair trade certified, and guaranteed sustainable and ethical practices. They ensure their consumers the importance of their garment workers and how they genuinely care for them. In hopes of continuing a movement for a better and healthier planet, they strive for affordable yet sustainable products.




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