Autumn weather has been coming in hot. For the past few seasons I’ve been seeing lines blur between fall and summer. Part of me wants to hold onto my favorite summer pieces like flowy chiffon dresses, short hemlines and the color white.

Today, we’re sharing the ‘Rules for Wearing Summer Clothes in Autumn’—everything from summery blouses, dresses, short hems, whites and sandals can be used this fall! Follow below for hacks to repurposing those summer clothes for fall. Enjoy! xo

Rule #1: The Summer Dress

There are multiple hacks when it comes to repurposing your favorite summer dress. However, I chose my top three! Rule 1.1: Layer the dress over trousers. Rule 1.2: Style the dress under an oversized blazer. Rule 1.3: Style the dress under a moto jacket with statement booties.

Rule #2: Short Hems

A common problem in fall is that we believe that we can’t wear short hems without tights. Personally, I am not a tights person so this is one of my favorite rules. If you’re wanting to wear a mini dress, skirt, etc. pair it with a trench coat. This allows you to bare your legs, cover when it’s cold and look chic!

Rule #3: The Summer Whites

There’s an urban myth that states no white after labor day. Well I tell you to combat that myth this season. Your summer whites can easily be made fall-esq through a few easy style techniques. Pair your white pieces with sweaters, blazers and most importantly funky boots.

Rule #4: Sandals

This is not a rule for the faint hearted. During early fall it is easy to still wear your sandals simply by styling them with warm coats, culottes and bellbottoms. However, as the season goes on it’s time to warm those sandals up. My sandal rule is to wear socks with them. Neutral, bright, thick or thin – as long as they’re not your old gym socks you’re good!

Rule #5: Your Favorite Summer Top

Summer tops are traditionally lighter than those worn during fall. What do I have to say to that? No problem! Layer your favorite summer blouse or top with a trendy turtleneck and voila you just turned a summer piece into a fall OOTD!



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