5 Easy Ways to Spice Up a Simple Ponytail

In an alternate universe, I’m someone who wakes up early every morning to give myself time to style my hair perfectly. In reality, however, I’m continually finding myself waking up with a bad case of bedhead, and little time to deal with it. Ponytails have become my go-to look for busy mornings before school. I’ve gotten so used to this routine that I’ve forgotten what my hair looks like when it’s not in a ponytail. I’ve been on a quest to find new ways to style my hair when I’m on a time crunch. I’ve found that there are so many effortless ways to spice up my simple ponytail.

Here are five quick and easy ways that you, too, can upgrade your ponytail.

Get Creative with Rubber Bands

Use rubber hair bands to create a unique ponytail design that’s sure to stand out. Get creative with this sleek, modern look! Create a design on a small section of your ponytail, or make a statement by keeping the design going from top to bottom.

Go for the “Bubble” Look

The bubble ponytail is a fun style that adds a youthful touch to any dull, lifeless ponytail. The best part is, this look takes virtually no skill– making it the perfect hairdo to tame your bedhead on a hectic morning. Just space hair ties a couple of inches apart, going down the ponytail. To create larger ‘bubbles,’ pull on the sections of hair to loosen them.

Create a Layered Look

For a simple-yet-sophisticated look, try sectioning off parts of your ponytail to create layers. You can achieve this look by using a technique similar to French braiding. Add in small pieces of hair as you go and section them off with a rubber band.

Create a Simple Twist

This is the perfect look for those mornings when you don’t have the time to blow dry your hair. After wetting your hair, pull it back into a sleek ponytail. Create a tight twist with the tail and secure it at the top with a rubber band.

Add Some Subtle Waves

We’re throwing it back to the early 2000s with this style. Conceal your frizz by adding some subtle crimps into a traditional ponytail. You can achieve this look by adding small braids in your hair the night before, taking them out in the morning, or using a crimping tool.




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