5 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Skin

We all want perfect radiating skin. We go through the same routines with the best intentions to take care of ourselves, but we sometimes hurt our skin more than we help it without realizing it. The way to honestly know if we are maintaining our skin is by consciously checking our skincare routine. There’s more to skincare than washing your face twice a day, and here we are going to discuss the five common mistakes people make when “taking care” of their skin.

Exfoliating Everyday

Exfoliating is an important step that removes the dead skin cells from your face. But there is also a lot of harm done when exfoliating excessively. Exfoliating every day will leave the skin irritated and red, which means that the tiny rough particles in the scrub have created small tears. Exfoliating daily will also mess with your pH and lipid barrier, which keeps your skin safe from bacteria, redness, and dryness.

Your Wash Time is Not Long Enough

We’ve all been in a hurry before, and rushed over our skincare routine. Washing our face is one of the most significant steps in our skincare routine and should be given time and dedication. We need to prioritize and make a habit of washing our faces for at least 60 seconds in a massaging and circular motion. A trick to getting the timing perfect is singing 60 seconds of your favorite song to master washing your face thoroughly!

You’re Forgetting Your Neck

Not continuing your skincare down to your neck is a mistake many people make. Your neck has a thinner skin, and it is more susceptible to aging. Most skincare products that work for your face will work for your neck area as well. From now on, don’t forget always to include your neck into your skincare routine!

Not Wearing Enough Sunscreen

We have all heard it before―wear sunscreen every day! But the real question is, are you wearing enough of it? Sunscreen is essential for a successful skincare routine, and most importantly, for skin cancer and signs of aging. You should apply sunscreen every day and reapply every 3-4 hours when you’re out in the sun.

Using Too Many Products

Using too many skincare products can be counter-effective. Redness, sensitivity, and irritation, stem from using too many active ingredients. A vital tip to remember when trying out a new product is to remove a product you’re already using out of your routine. By switching around products, you can prevent irritation and figure out the products that are successfully working for your skin.




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