4 Ways to Style a Silk Scarf This Summer

Do you know what the most versatile piece you can add to your wardrobe this season is? I’ll give you a hint; it’s not denim shorts or a go-with-everything white tank. It’s a silk scarf.

Who would’ve thought a square piece of fabric could impact your wardrobe, but a silk scarf is a game changer! They immediately elevate any outfit as an accessory, but you can wear one alone as a top, too. Depending on how you knot them, silk scarves make perfect summer tops, hair accessories, and final outfit touches. Below are our four favorite ways to style a silk scarf this summer. Keep reading for these styling tricks plus some of the silk scarves we can’t wait to shop this season.

Triangle Top

Style your scarf as a triangle top by folding the square in half diagonally, then wrapping it around your chest and securing it with a double knot. This style is an effortless everyday look but also works well as a going-out top. Pair it with jeans or wide-legged pants and kitten heel sandals for the perfect summer look.

Bandana-Style Headband

A silk scarf is a great way to keep your hair off your face on a hot summer day. Fold the scarf into a triangle and tie in around your head. You can leave the scarf, so it slightly covers your forehead or push it back to show your hair and pull out some face-framing strands. While this look is for any summer occasion, we especially love to wear it poolside with a color-coordinating swimsuit!

Bandeau Top

For another top option that’s slightly more elevated than the triangle style, try tying your silk scarf like a bandeau. Start the same way as the triangle style by folding your scarf diagonally, but this time tie the knot in front. You can wrap the two ends of the scarf back into the top for a more streamlined silhouette or leave them hanging. In the back, if you’d like a straighter hemline, you can tuck the tip of the triangle up into the scarf.

This scarf-as-top style also works well with a strapless bra or bandeau style bralette if you need extra support. Try tying the knot around your bra or bralette and then cinching it. Adjust the fabric as necessary to cover up your bra and won’t even look like it’s there.

Around a Ponytail or Bun

A silk scarf is a great way to dress up an everyday summer hairstyle. Avoid your hair sticking to the back of your neck (aka the worst feeling ever) by wrapping the scarf around your pony or low bun’s base. You can even use a scrunchie with attached scarf tails to master this look in seconds.

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