4 Low-Maintenance Beauty Looks to Try This Summer

As much as we love wearing makeup, the humid heat of the summer can make a full face the absolute last thing we want to put on. A full face of makeup in this heat inevitably comes with the need for touch-ups—something we try to avoid as gals who are always on the go. So, during the summertime, we try to opt for lightweight, low-maintenance makeup looks. But, just because a makeup routine is simple doesn’t mean it has to be blah. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite statement-making, stress-free looks. Below are four low-maintenance beauty looks to test out this summer that still deliver high style.

Bold Blush

Reach for a peony pink or coral blush if you’re looking for high-impact with minimal products. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks as you usually would but finish the look off by swiping the tiniest bit across the tip of your nose. Who would’ve thought blush on your nose would look so cute?

Colorful Cat Eye

If eyeliner is your thing, upgrade your classic black cat-eye to a colorful flick in a summery shade. Opt for a liquid liner with all-day staying power for a makeup look you won’t have to think twice about after applying.

Glowy Skin

We’re always obsessed with glowing skin, but especially so in the summertime. To achieve this look, focus on your skincare routine but top it all off with a few lightweight products like an illuminator and dewy BB cream.

Glossy Lids

For a dramatic yet super quick look, use a glossy eyeshadow (or even a swipe of clear lip gloss) to add a lacquer-like sheen to your everyday makeup. Keep the rest of your look simple to let your eyes do all the talking.



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