4 Cute Workout Outfits to Motivate You to Get Moving

Lately, one of our favorite ways to beat the self-isolation scaries has been a good workout. Between membership free trials and IG Lives from our favorite studios, we’ve found a handful of ways to stay active. However, finding the motivation to get up and get moving isn’t always so easy. Sometimes curling up in bed for five more minutes sounds so much more appealing than lacing up for a run around the block—trust us, we’ve been there too. However, if there’s one thing that never fails to motivate us, it’s a great outfit. Below are four cute workout outfits that are the perfect motivation to get moving!

1. Bike Shorts and a Sweatshirt

Bike shorts have been one of our favorite fashion trends for the past few seasons, but we also love them for working out! Pair with your favorite sweatshirt for an outfit perfect for a neighborhood walk or stretching it out in your apartment.

2. Pastel Workout Set

There’s something about a color-coordinated workout set that makes us feel like we can Get! It! Done! Not to mention a pastel hue is perfect for spring and makes for a chic workout ‘fit.

3. Sweatpants and a Crop Top

TBH, we live in our sweatpants these days, so why not work out in them too? Add a cropped tank, and this outfit is perfect to transition from lounging around to firing up your favorite yoga YouTube video.

4. Neon

Need a little pick-me-up? Bright colors are an instant mood booster. Put on a neon matching set and get ready to crush your at-home workout!



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