Happy New Year! I hope you haven’t already broke your resolutions for 2013! When I sat down the other day to really think about what I wanted as resolutions I realized, I WILL make mistakes this year, I’m not perfect nor even near but I finally wanted to achieve some of my short term goals. Last year one of them was to start my fashion blog and I finally had the guts to try it out and I couldn’t be happier! So this year some of my resolutions or as I like to refer to them as goals are the 30 day challenge and the 365 day clothes diary. If you haven’t heard the trick of ‘if you try something for 30 days it will become ritual’; I like this because it lets me try different things for a month at a time like working out, praying, wearing my retainer everyday (yuck), etc.

Now for the BIG one! The 365 day challenge is a diary of my outfits for an entire year- but here is the kicker… I can’t repeat! Well, I can repeat items but not the exact outfit. Now if you have sneaked a peak into my closet, you will not have any doubt in my ability to do so but I am still a little scared but extremely excited for this challenge. The hardest part will be to remember to update the blog and Instagram of the pictures. Although I have a full closet, I barely spend anything (I’m way too cheap)- I love thrifting. Brand new items in my closet, especially ones that are expensive, are a rarity.

I want to do this challenge to show that you don’t have to spend a lot or any money at all to make your wardrobe unique and different. I will try to keep my outfits trendy and not too boring!

So now check out my newest page on the top of the webpage for all the outfits! They will also be posted on my Instagram (simplyaudreekate) so please follow me and root for me!

Don’t let your resolutions overwhelm you; start small like a 30 day challenge and test out the waters. If you goal is physical, mental or emotional- you can do anything if you want to. Don’t go looking for happiness in something or someone; it starts with you as an individual so make those needed goals and be the BEST YOU!

XOXO Audree Kate


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