27 Going-Out Outfits When It’s Too Cold Outside

Dressing during the winter is complicated. Oversized knits and excessive layers are what get us through the freezing temperatures, but what about dressing for date night or girls’ night out? Is it really possible to feel sexy and dress warm while facing the cold? Yes!

There are hundreds of going-out outfits that fit any occasion during the winter—from statement outerwear, unique pants and fitted sweater dresses. Today we’ve narrowed down our top twenty-seven going-out outfits for when it’s too cold outside. Whether you’re heading to a club, dive-bar, or an intimate date night, we’ve got you covered.

Statement Outerwear

Statement outerwear is the must for going out when it’s too cold. Most bars/clubs have a coat check, and a good coat allows you to wear whatever you want under it. Best of both worlds!

Winter White

No white after Labor Day? No, thank you! Winter white is the perfect combo for a cold night out. It’s chic, simple to pull off, and a nice change from the all-black winter wear.

Unique Pants

When it’s cold outside, it’s time to pull out the pants. Rather than sticking with old trusty jeans, add a few statement pants in the mix. Flare, embroidered, and mixed fabrics are all great options.

Layers Galore

The key to surviving the weather and a night out: layers. Layers allow you to stay warm while outside but shed while inside. Thin layers are the way to go, so you’re not overly bundled.


Suiting is the winter equivalent to dresses during summer. Suits can be mixed & matched, or dressed up or down. Plus, anything can be worn under a suit—a bralette, sheer top or turtleneck.

Knit Dresses

Winter clothes can feel bulky and drab, so keep things tailored and fitted with a body-con knit dress.


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