21 Black-Owned Businesses To Support Now and Forever

There are more than dozens of ways to fight racism right now: Donating, protesting, signing petitions, speaking up on social media/in real life, and educating yourself through research. Another way is by supporting Black-owned businesses. Black culture has a huge influence in all industries including fashion, beauty and music, there’s no better time than now to support small businesses and Black entrepreneurs.

We’ve rounded up 21 Black-owned fashion, beauty and lifestyle businesses to support now and forever. Make sure to follow and support them on social media, and if there is a Black-owned business that you love, please share, we want to add it to this on-going list.


Brother Vellies

We found Brother Vellies on Instagram over a year ago, and we instantly fell in love. Their shoes and handbags are works of art, and they’re sustainable!

Love, Vera

Love, Vera is a lingerie brand, “born out of love.” Their lingerie is impeccable, and the company is dedicated to creating opportunities for black talent in the fashion industry.


Cushnie is a luxury ready-to-wear brand that prides itself on its spot on tailoring to the female body. It’s minimalistic, feminine, and is perfect for the modern woman. Some of our favorite celebrities have rocked Cushnie.

Oma the Label

Oma the Label is an NYC based jewelry and basics shop. They’re launching a new line this Saturday, so make sure to mark your calendars! Their pieces are simple, elegant, and sexy.


Nichole Lynel creates designs for this company, and it’s based in LA! NL THE LABEL has show-stopping pieces – the fringe, the sequins, and the silhouettes are for the modern woman.

The K Label

The K Label is dedicated to breaking boundaries, all while making incredible clothing for women. They’re creating pieces that women “lack in their closet.” The K Label boasts RTW, day-to-night, and timeless pieces.

Nude Barre

Nude Barre was started by a former dancer, who experience the hardship of not being able to find hosiery that matched her skin tone. This company’s primary focus is on hosiery for all 12 true nude shades.


E Honey

The founder of this company took her skincare struggles and scientific knowledge and started working with a dermatologist and a lab to create E Honey. These products will help your skin “glow like honey.”

Beauty Bakerie Makeup

The woman behind Beauty Bakerie has an incredible story – I encourage you to read the “About Page” on the website, at least. Besides an amazing woman behind the company, the products that Beauty Bakerie makes are top of the line, and they have a wide range of products.

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar founder started the company by making lipsticks in her kitchen; she was tired of society saying what’s “beautiful.” The company strives to empower customers and believes that everyone is beautiful just the way they are!


BLK + GRN has a little bit of everything; they have bath+body, menstrual care, home, and haircare. It’s a one-stop-shop for Black-owned natural products.

MDM Flow

Inspired by 90s-00s hip hop and glamour, this beauty brand provides some fun products. It first started with lipsticks but has grown to mascaras and beautifully pigmented eyeshadow/lip pots.

Pear Nova

Pear Nova is a nail polish company. Their products are made in Chicago, they’re cruelty-free, and the nail lacquers and gels are immaculate. Seriously, these are some gorgeous nail colors.

Mented Cosmetics

Mented wants all women to be able to find products that work for their complexion. The two women started this company because they want all women to feel represented in beauty, and I couldn’t agree more!


Rayo & Honey

The owner is working on getting the website back up, but for now, we can see products on her feed! The company creates inspiring but straightforward wall decor, perfect for any room!

Bolé Road Textiles

Bolé Road has anything you could need for your home: pillows, towels, rugs, bath sets, curtains, and the list goes on and on. The company is based in Brooklyn, but all fabrics are handwoven in Ethiopia!

Karter L’Rose Candle Co.

Onyx Lynee’ Ammons, the owner, started creating her natural and dye-free candles when she realized that most main-stream candles have chemicals. These candles are created in small batches, and you can tell there’s so much care that goes into each candle!


Meet your new all-natural, eco-friendly home products go-to. PUR-HOME has a variety of products that range from kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. The passion that goes into these products is clear!

Harlem Candle Company

These candles celebrate the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Candle Company is a luxury home fragrance company. Each candle tells a different story, and along with candles, they sell other home items.

Natalie Osborne- NatalieOdecor

Natalie is currently recovering from a medical condition but hold out because her art is stunning! She creates cards, prints, and larger works of art. I can’t wait for her store to get back up running!


Alannah Tiller, the artist, is inspired by pop-culture and imagery she sees on the internet. She “looks to find an alternative view of these everyday objects and people.” Her prints are perfect for any gallery wall/apartment decor.



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