2020 Resolutions & Intentions

2019 was a complicated and emotional year for me.

I stepped into 2019 with guns blazing and long resolution list to expand my businesses and step away from outside freelance jobs, move into my own apartment, grow my team and try to achieve perfect personal life/work balance. Although I am so grateful I was able to grow my businesses and team, and move into my own place, it came with a great deal of challenges, curve balls and many days where I sat alone and cried. It was a hard year. There were countless growing pains and difficult lessons, but also exciting and unexpected opportunities.

When I started Simply Audree Kate in 2012, my goal was to keep my platform a positive space where I could escape the world, create content and share my business’ achievements and work—in return, I never posted hardships or too much about my personal life, and I was perfectly okay with that. Since starting Simply Audree Kate, my life has been work, day in and day out. For the past eight years I have worked pretty much every single day with long hours, and although I do love it, I started to see myself burn out, which resulted in me pulling away from the blog, social media and not creating content because I wasn’t as happy.

Each year I set a word of intention. 2019 was ‘thrive,’ and I do feel like that word embraced my year (Read last year’s post here), and when I sat down in December to review my 2019 goals, I was so happy I was able to cross off about 98% of my business goals! But, I could only cross off one thing on my personal goal list, which was to not work every weekend. Ha! I did manage to take off weekends, at least Friday night or Saturday to hang out with friends and not open my laptop. This past year was heavily focused on work and my businesses, but my personal life and mental health were neglected.

When I sat down over my vacation to write out my 2020 intentions, I wanted to change my mindset towards these goals. My focus has always been work (which is who I am at my core) but I also realized this year that the work hustle is not sustainable if I’m not taking care of myself and making myself a priority in my schedule. So for 2020, it is now a non-negotiable in my daily routine.

My words for 2020 are: Mindfulness and Create

My intention for the year is to be more mindful about everything I do. Take on clients and projects that I am genuinely excited about, be mindful about my professional and mental capacity and when to say ‘no’, and be intentional about making myself a priority, having a routine and allowing myself to exercise and take real vacations. My other goal is to dive back into the roots of Simply Audree Kate and focus on creativity and creating content. We will be writing more blog posts, revamping the website and rolling out some new content series each month!

Although I do have a long, long list of business goals for the year, I am changing my mindset this year to focus on me first a little bit, even if it’s just carving out my first and last hour of the day to myself, and then letting everything else fall into place.

I am excited for 2020, what this year will bring to me personally and professionally and I cannot wait to take you along on this journey! xo



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