15 Summer Layering Looks I Love

I have a slight love/hate relationship with summer. One day is hot and humid, one day is a nice 70 degrees and then the next is all four seasons in one day. And then to top it off, outside might be a 30 degree difference than the frigid office. Our solution? Layers.

Layers are an easy way to complete your summer look, are easy to take on and off, and won’t dull your summer wardrobe.

Below are 15 summer layering looks Team SAK loves! Comment below and let us know which one’s your favorite. Enjoy! xo

Lightweight Jackets

Layered looks one through five are all easy to achieve. Layering a light jacket over a graphic t-shirt is an easy way to bring your outfit to the next level. Long-line sweaters, double jackets, and uniquely styled jacket/dress combos are also the perfect summer layering looks!

Mixed Fabrics

Looks six through ten are all about mixing fabrics. Pairing lightweight pieces with slightly heavier tops are perfect for layering. Denim on denim, white on white, and neutrals on bold colors are all go-tos this season. The rule is to layer lighter pieces under heavier pieces, always!

Bold Prints

A common theme amongst looks eleven through fifteen is bold prints. Animal print, plaid, stripes, and gingham are great layering pieces. This summer mix a bold piece and neutral to create an effortless summer layering look. These are all stand out summer layering looks.



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