15 “Out-Dated” Trends We Still love to Wear

There are fifteen “out-dated” trends we still love to wear. What goes around comes around in the fashion industry, so while these trends are “out-dated” right now, next season, they could be the must-haves. Seventies-inspired flare jeans, opera gloves, and acid-washed denim are a few “out-dated” trends to be named. Follow below for our favorite “out-dated” trends!

Full-Length Flare Jeans

Channeling our inner Cher, we can’t resist a full-length flare jean. As a short girl over here, I love this look because it elongates me. Who deemed bell-bottoms “out-dated” because the styling opportunities are endless!

Three-Piece Suit

Beautiful suiting will never go out of style, but the three-piece suit has been “out-dated” since the late 1980s. We can’t help but love a three-piece suit because it’s classic and looks good for any formal occasion.


Neon is “out-dated,” but we can’t remove our grasp from it. Neon is everlasting in our eyes; we think the brighter, the better.

Velour Sweatsuit

Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and JLo were style icons throughout the 2000s, and we refuse to leave their greatest fashion trend as “out-dated.” Now that we’re WFH, a velour sweatsuit couldn’t be more appropriate.

Dresses over Jeans

The early 2000s trend of dresses over jeans was slightly tragic. However, it’s 2020, and we have a better sense of style than back then. Dresses over jeans are anything but “out-dated,” when you style it right.

Socks & Sandals

Let me be clear: socks with flip-flops no, but fashionable socks with a platform heel yes. Socks and sandals are not “out-dated,” they need a little revamp.


Gloves are seen as an “out-dated,” trend, and not essential, but an opera glove or ruffled glove elevates a look instantly. Gloves are high fashion, and I love wearing them!

Futuristic Fashion

The futuristic fashion trend of the 80s was quickly “out-dated,” but we still love wearing this trend from time to time.

Color Tinted Sunglasses

It’s hard to believe that pink, blue, yellow, and green lense glasses are being called “out-dated.” On any given day, you could see me, Audree, or even a super-model wearing this trend.

T-Shirt Over Long-Sleeve

The 90s trend of the t-shirt over long-sleeve is “out-dated,” when not style appropriately. I style my favorite vintage Rolling Stones tee over a black turtleneck with high-rise jeans and my favorite boots.

Acid Washed Denim

I think after the 80s, everyone was acid washed out, so it was “out-dated.” However, acid wash is a closet essential. Acid washed jeans or jacket can be styled with so much.

The Corset

Corsets have been “out-dated” since the early 1900s, but they’re fashionable. The right corset can be used as a layering piece, or as the top to an outfit. We still love wearing them!

Babydoll Dresses

When styled appropriately, there’s nothing better than a babydoll dress. We still love wearing this “out-dated” trend during the hot summer months.

Shoulder Pads

We can’t believe shoulder pads are seen as “out-dated” because we wear them a few times a month. Our favorite vintage blazers always have a shoulder pad or two, and we can’t get enough of them!

Over-sized Plastic Earrings

Plastic earrings were a thing of the 80s and 90s and were quickly “out-dated.” We still love wearing over-size plastic earrings because they are the perfect statement piece.



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