14 Things for February 14

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The question I really want to know about Valentine’s day is why the chocolate can’t go on sale on the 13th…why must I wait until the 15th for my discounted dark chocolate – utter nonsense if you ask me. Anyways, as I’m sure you can tell from the looming stuffed bears in the grocery store aisles, Valentine’s Day is coming. And if you’re like me and shop last minute (don’t pretend like you plan ahead) I am always scrambling for some great last-minute gifts for loved ones. Whether this is for your boo-thang or me (hint hint) I have provided 14 things to make your February 14th a little sweeter, a little more money in your wallet and whole lot more stylish. (click on pictures to look through each gallery)

For the Guy

1. For the Professional

A great way to make an gift more special is to personalize it for him. Whether it’s engraving his money clip, monogramming his wallet or putting his lucky number on his shirt cuffs, it will make the gift special for him. Also a great gift for you man is a shaving kit – whether he has a manly beard, some subtly stubble, or a clean-shaven face, a nice shaving kit will always make sure he is groomed for his next meeting (plus you can personalize it!)


2. For the Guy’s Guy

Give him something to spruce up his Man Cave – fun coasters, beer openers or DIY his favorite beer bottles into cups he can reuse when the guys are over for the game.



3. For the Active Guy

If your guy is always on the go or a fitness guru, help keep his routine more high-tech (and chic of course) with fitness tracker bracelets, wireless earphones or a go-pro to document his adventures with you.


4. For a Casual Date
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5. For a Fancy Date
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6. For a Night-In Date

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For the Girl

7. For the Artsy One

If your girl is creative, help her showcase her work. Get her a journal for her thoughts and before you give it to her add little notes randomly throughout the book for her to discover through the year. Does she like vintage things? get her a collection of vintage trays or new ones for decoration, or as a throw-all tray for her jewelry or art supplies. Is she a photographer? Or do art? Get her favorite photos or artwork screened on canvases for her to decorate a wall.


8. For the Boss Lady

Help your lady be the ultimate boss lady with a few simple details to make her work day a little more chic and professional – from a simple watch, unique Etsy mug for her desk, or monogrammed laptop sleeve.

9. For the Trendy Girl

Maybe she’s a fashionista, a girly girl or is just always up on the latest trends – these items are a must-have for your girl. First, there are super trendy coffee table books – these act as great decor, light reading and will be the perfect accessory to her bachelorette pad. Next is Rocksbox, a monthly membership that will send your girl designer jewelry each month for her to borrow, return or buy at a discounted price. Last is a simple monogrammed tote. She can use this for work, play, even a weekend getaway with you!


10. For a Casual Date
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11. For a Fancy Date
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12. For a Night-In Date


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For Both of You

13. For the intellectuals

Here are some great picks from Amazon’s Best Books of the Month:

Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice

It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War

Going into the City: Portrait of a Critic as a Young Man

Single, Carefree, Mellow: Stories

The Marauders: A Novel 

Golden State: A Novel

Miramont’s Ghost

Dark Intelligence: Transformation Book One


14. For the Drink Connoisseurs

This can be as simple as creating your own six-pack option at the grocery store, buying mini bottles of whiskey or wine to taste and pick a new undiscovered favorite. You can also sign up for  beer and wine club of the month packages here.



Happy Valentine’s Day and check back Monday when my jewelry giveaway goes live!

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