13 Brands to Look Out for this Year

The Line by K

We’re already headed into Spring 2020, but it feels like we just kicked things off yesterday. This is going to be an age-defying year/decade. With everything going on in our world, we can’t help but ask what is next for fashion? There’s a mass sustainability movement, fashion week and design houses are drastically changing, and digital shopping is the power player. So what’s next?

This year, affordable, sustainable, and smaller based brands are going to be the pulse of the fashion industry. Don’t worry, larger brands aren’t going anywhere, but our eyes are on the small guys. Discover 13 fashion brands to look out for this year below.

Lykke Wullf

Lykke Wullf was founded in 2011 by Jemma Swatek and is named after her mother. This California based brand blends LA, European, and minimalist influences. The pieces on their website are fashion-forward but simple. Lykke Wullf is a name to know this year.


Allegra K

Allegra K is a brand for young professionals who live a busy life. This brand has a new drop each week, so it’s for those who are looking to follow the latest trends. Their clothing is reasonably priced, and their most-liked looks are completely shoppable on Instagram!


Frankie Shop

Frankie Shop is an affordable lux-looking minimalist shop. They have shops in New York and Paris, but they’re easy to shop online. Frankie Shop is perfect for simple and long-lasting garments. Their suiting, dresses, and everything on their site is a must-have.


Pistola Denim

Pistola Denim focuses on denim with quality materials and fit. Their denim ranges from classic styles to trend forward. Pistola has been growing for the past few years, and it is here to stay. As they say on their site, “Sorry all other denim.”


River Island

River Island is a United Kingdom-based fast-fashion brand. The brand has been around for over sixty years and they pride themselves on their fashion-forward yet affordable clothing. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything, and it’s time to give this brand a try.


Petite Studio

Petite Studio, a petite brand, is based on “slow fashion principles.” They believe that your clothing shouldn’t wear out after one season, and instead, it should be an investment. Everything is tailored to petites, and the clothing is adorable.


Mother Denim

Mother Denim is an LA-based brand that boasts a wide variety of washes, sizes, and styles. If you haven’t heard of Mother Denim, we urge to check them out. Their denim is so soft and comfortable and we could live in it for ever. Seriously.


The Line by K

The Line by K is an ethically made brand based in LA. The fashion blogger Karla Deras founded the company, and its grown in the past few years. The designs are comfortable, elegant, and effortless – the clothing is basics that aren’t basic.


The Kit

The Kit is a brand that is reimagining the way that your clothes are made. In an attempt to be more sustainable and ethical, the brand creates most of its clothing “on-demand” and has new drops each week (shaving down the typical 6-month production cycle). Their clothing is nothing but basic.


Charles & Keith

Charles and Keith has been a low-key power player since their opening in 1996. It’s an accessories brand that is helping women express themselves through fashion. Charles & Keith will be a crucial brand throughout 2020.



Farrow is a womenswear brand sold on Need Supply Co. It has basics along with fashion-forward whimsical pieces. Farrow is going to be your go-to for all your summer 2020 clothing needs.


Verge Girl

Verge Girl began in the early ’00s by two sisters, Daniella and Natalia. They wanted to give customers an alternative to the primary department stores. They create clothing that is fashion and trend-forward, and they hope to inspire their customers to feel confident and cool.


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