11 Fashion-Forward Cozy Looks For Winter

For the past month or so, New York has been feeling the official wrath of winter. The temperature has dropped significantly and the light layers once used during fall aren’t cutting it anymore. Thicker coats and sweaters are starting to be pulled out and TBH, it’s hard not to look or feel like a giant marshmallow.

There is a huge misconception that during winter there is no way to be both warm and fashionable. To break it to you, that is a total lie. Our key to looking fashionable and staying warm is through layering. It all depends on the pieces that you pair, the actual warmth of your clothes and of course the way you style them on yourself. I’m sharing 11 fashion-forward cozy looks for winter that you should totally try! xo 

Look 1

A cozy sweater, light jacket and trench are the perfect winter layers. My tip is to make sure that they color coordinate. Add a scarf on top for extra warmth! 

Look 2

The teddy coat; the perfect cozy winter option. Pairing a neutral coat with an equally neutral cozy sweater and a funky pant is one way to make it fashionable. 

Look 3

Shearling lined coat, enough said! This coat will for sure keep you warm all winter long. Pairing it with a turtleneck just adds icing to the cake! Plus this jacket is a huge trend right now, making you instantly fashion forward!

Look 4

A classic peacoat is always a winter staple. However, for a more fashionable cozy look wear a coat with a pattern or in a vibrant color. Also vibrant sweaters are always a good idea.

Look 5

Oversized sweater, puffer coat, funky pants and combat boots are the ultimate comfy look. Yes, it’s a little marshmallow inspired but it is an opportunity to show your individuality plus its easy and cozy.

Look 6

Winter layers do not need to be bulky. A nicely knit sweater, thicker blazer inspired jacket and a fur lined leather jacket will keep you toasty through the whole season. 

Look 7

One of the coziest pieces for winter is a large sweater paired with a great pant. This is an assured way to stay warm. If you don’t like the oversized look belt an oversized sweater like this one to add shape.

Look 8

A sweatshirt; a lot of people see it as frumpy but it doesn’t have to be. Pair it with a trench and they instantly even each other out. Plus this is an easy cozy look to throw on in a rush. 

Look 9&10

These are both great winter cozy looks. First, the short teddy coat paired with a vibrant sweater, cropped pants and combat boots – it’s taking basic pieces, mixing them together and creating something all new. Second, two sweaters are layered under this trench to make it extra cozy and original. Plus the loose but fashion forward pants add to the cozy chic look. 





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