9 Valentine's Day Beauty Looks for the Romantics and the Heartbreakers



February 14 just around the corner and it’s time to plan your outfit, hair and make-up! Whether you will be spending it on a date with someone special, or having takeout with your best friends, these looks are perfect for any event. You’ll see tones of blush, messy-ready hair, and vampy lips. Take Valentine’s day by storm and fall in love with this beauty inspiration post!

Blush Colored Eyeshadow- Light pink eyes look great with any eye color and are romantic and subtle day to night look. Using blush or mauve tones with a metallic silver shadow, creates a soft and delicate way to bring out your eyes. Paired with a sweet nude lip for day or black winged eyeliner and red lips for night, this shadow is a classic Valentine’s go to.
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Ombre Lips- This is a perfect festive day look for work or running around town. It can be created with either nude, pink, or red lipstick. This effect is created by using a darker lip liner that is shaded in a triangle shape on the top and bottom lips. This triangle comes to a point in the center of the lips and blended into your desired lip base color. Then a little shimmery lip gloss or highlighter is applied in the inner part of the lips. This creates a dimensional and structured look that can incorporate any of your favorite holiday colors with a fun new twist.SAK.Ombre.jpg
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Vampy Lips- Darker lips are a winter staple, and just because it is a holiday does not mean you need to ditch this favorite! Some stellar shades to try this Valentine’s day can range anywhere from cherry red to a deep velvet. I love this look for a girl’s night out, or for a badass heartbreaker vibes that will shake up your day!
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Gold Metallic Eyeshadow- Metallics were all over the runway this fashion week, so you can hop on this trend with some shimmery eyeshadow. Applying some sheen to your eyes make them pop and draws the focus onto them. This can be turned into a natural everyday look or layered and shaded to make a bright smoky eye. Whether it be gold glitter or a subtle glow, you will really shine this Valentine’s day.
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The “Natural” Look- This practical and clean look is a great idea for a simple and easy makeup day. It is polished and can be done with as many or as few products as you want. It can be easily maintained and added on for a night on the town. Paired with a bright lip or well defined eyeliner is a unique statement to this basic makeup trend.
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Messy Up-Do- This is the perfect lazy hack for Valentine’s day. Take some day old or leave in curls and twist or braid them at the nape of your neck. Pin them back and you are ready to go! Add a fun headband or combs to the side of the buns for extra volume and decoration. Rock that effortless hair!
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Milkmaid Braids- Wanna be a classic starstruck beauty on this romantic day? Try a simple up-do with some loose tendrils and dutch braids. Part your hair in your preferred style and bring those two sides to the front. Braid the two sides and then bring them up and over your head. Pin back your ends and secure the braids. Pair this fun up-do with some dangly earrings or a brave lip color!
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Faux Side Shave- Let’s be edgy this holiday and take a new fashion risk! Curl or add some texture to your hair before beginning the braiding process. This will show off your pulled back part and add volume and definition. Part you hair and take the side of your hair and start french braiding. You can braid one huge strand or multiple tiny ones to add even more punk flair. Make sure the braids are tight and start right at the beginning of your hair. A short-cut for braiding is twisting the hair along your hairline and pinning at the nape of your neck. Spritz with hairspray to secure flyaways and add texture and boom! You are done!
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Tousled Waves- This one is for the laid backs babes who want a quick and easy do. Curl your hair the night before and sleep in pin curls or loosely pinned up hair. The next morning, shake out the pins, add some hairspray or salt spray, and you now have the simplest hair. Another way to create these waves is by twisting your hair and running your straightener over your hair. It is the perfect solution to not showering and having flawless hair. Take these easy waves and slay this special day!
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