10 Things I Can’t Live Without

I’ve accumulated far too much in my twenty-two years, but there are 10 things I can’t live without. It’s a well-known fact that humans acquire an unholy amount of stuff during our lifetimes, and when I started packing my bags to move to New York a couple months ago, I evaluated everything I owned.

Out of all the stuff I have, what do I use? Why am I clinging to something that I haven’t touched in years? Why do I keep buying stuff? During my ‘Marie Kondo process’ of my life, it came to my attention that there are ten things I cannot live without. These are items that I use daily or weekly, that help my life go smoothly.

Below I’ll become more specific, but clothing items, beauty products, and key life pieces are all things I would be lost without. Of course, I can’t live without food, water, hygiene products, and other necessities, but I’m focusing on the little added extras. Here are the ten items I can’t live without, and comment what you can’t live without. Enjoy! xo


I hate to admit it, but I could not live without my cellphone. I live across the country, so my phone is an easy way to stay connected to friends and family. I talk to my mom every day, chat with relatives on social media, and even do a lot of my work on my phone. My cellphone is a must-have.


I use my headphones every day, and I could not imagine a day without them. It sounds dramatic, but I could not live without them. I’m sitting here right now with my headphones in. It gives me a chance to block out everything going on in the outside world.


I’m a Spotify girl, and I would not be able to get through my days without it. I’m able to listen to my favorite artists, playlists, and podcasts on the app. I could not imagine a life without music or my podcasts.

Midi Slip Dress

I wear my midi slip dress at least once a week, and it’s a constant lifesaver. A midi slip dress is easy to throw on and dress up/down. This is a staple closet piece that I genuinely could never live without.

Classic Jean

If I’m not wearing my slip dress, you can see me wearing a classic pair of jeans. I could not live without my favorite pair of jeans; they go with so much!

Dry Shampoo

Can any woman live without dry shampoo? If so, please tell me your secret. I use dry shampoo almost every day, and I would be lost without it. I wash my hair once a week, so dry shampoo is a must-have in my medicine cabinet.

Face Wash

I’m a big advocate on skincare, and face wash is a staple. If I were only able to have one face cleansing product, it would be my Bliss Rose Face Wash. I use it daily to take off my makeup and give my skin a fresh feel.

SPF Moisturizer

Along with face wash, I need my SPF moisturizer every day. After cleaning my face, I need to add a light layer of moisture and protection. I have fair skin, so SPF is required daily!


I can live without foundation, eyeshadow, and highlight, but I can not live without mascara. I have fair hair, so my natural eyelashes are nonexistent. Mascara is a necessity to make me feel ready to take on the world.


I have a classic sweet tooth, and I can not live without my sweets. Cookies, ice cream, and candy are all things I have at least once a week. It’s a bad habit, but I have to give my sweet tooth what it “needs!”



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