10 Going-out Outfits for When It’s Just Too Hot

It’s the middle of July, so it’s the perfect time to talk about how to beat the summer heat. It’s already hard enough leaving the apartment for work, but now friends are insisting on going out for drinks. I can’t be the only one who melts a few minutes after leaving the comfort of my air conditioning.

However, there are going-out outfits that are perfect for this weather. I’ve rounded up ten going-out outfits for when it’s just too damn hot. Lightweight dresses, flowing skirts, and jumpsuits are a few of the essentials. Enjoy, and good luck beating this heat! xo


A two-piece set is perfect for this summer weather. Co-ords are one of the biggest trends, the pieces are interchangeable, and they’re made in lightweight fabrics.

Light Weight Midi-Dress

When going out, don’t forget about the midi slip dress. The fabric is light and breathable, and you can wear this with heels, sandals, or sneakers. This is the perfect outfit for going out.

Lingerie Top

Lingerie tops aka spaghetti strapped, loose, and silky tanks are the perfect going-out piece for this hot weather. These tops are easily paired and are a great way to stay cool while out.

Flowing Skirts

A flowing skirt is perfect for going out in this weather. You can pair flowing skirts with blouses, tank tops, and bodysuits. Flowing skirts are simple to throw on for a night out.


I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit in this weather. Jumpsuits are light, flowing, and always allow a breeze. Opt for one that’s short or long; you can’t go wrong either way.

Scarf Top

A scarf top is a unique way to stay cool and look good while going-out this summer. You need a decent-sized scarf to pull off this look, but it is attainable.

Loose Mini Dress

Wearing mini dresses in this weather is nothing new. However, wear an extremely loose mini dress to go out this summer. This allows you to show a little skin, but also not be constricted by your clothes.

Breezy Pants

Wide-leg and linen pants are perfect for going out in this hot weather. Wearing a pair of breezy pants with your favorite lightweight top is a fashionable and cool outfit for this summer.

Sheer Top

A sheer top is a perfect option for going-out. This is one way for you to show some skin, but also cool off. A sheer top goes perfectly with a flowing skirt, and breezy pants.


Beat the summer heat with a little netting. Mermaid inspired pieces have been all the rage this season. Now, it’s time to take them out on the town. A netted skirt, pant, or top are great going-out pieces!



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